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Regardless of who we are or where we live, it’s human nature to gather around fire. Cooking food, sharing stories and enjoying the warmth of camaraderie. That’s why all of  our ovens feature a visible in‑chamber fire, providing a beautiful sight for you and your guests.

Our ovens are modeled after the ancient Neapolitan oven used by generations of European pizza oven makers. Providing aesthetics and an authentic old world flavor.

These elegant designs have stood the test of time in the temperate regions of Spain, Italy and Germany. But winter in Maine or Wisconsin? Well, that’s another story entirely.

Unlike most wood-fired ovens of today, which are imported to the U.S., our ovens are American made and certified to UL and NSF4 standards. With a proprietary reinforcement cement formula, they’re designed for maximum durability even in extreme climates from coast to coast.

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”The oven and the pizza I cooked became the sensation of my small town.”

I first discovered wood fired brick ovens on cooking shows a few years ago. I have always wanted one since then. I did some research looking for the best one and the same name kept coming up: Chicago Brick Oven.

I got my oven in April of 2015 and started cooking right away after I installed it and followed the included instructions. The oven and the pizza I cooked became the sensation of my small town.

We had pizza parties every weekend and then I started experimenting. We have made pizza, steak, fish, baked potatoes, cookies, pumpkin seeds, Mac n cheese, calzones, stuffed peppers and my favorite fresh pita bread.

I have had no complaints about my oven and can't wait to cook something new with it every weekend. I highly recommend the Chicago Brick Oven to everyone that has a passion for cooking great food.

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